Seven days of

Sunday: US President George Bush narrowly avoids being pelted with shoes thrown at him by an Iraqi reporter. Late night conversation by Alex Tew gives birth to
Monday: Much coding, pizza and beer. 9pm GMT launch on Twitter and Facebook. Now everyone can hit Bush with shoes!
Tuesday: BOOOM! 370,000 unique visitors. First press in Egypt.
Wednesday: Going viral... 1.1 million unique visitors, 21 million shoes thrown at Bush. That's gotta hurt.
Thursday: Reuters tells the world of the joys of Site put up for sale on Ebay, more than 30,000 people view the listing.
Friday: Fubra wins! Now over 46 million shoes thrown, and 4.5 million unique visitors ... wow.
Saturday: More than 50 million shoes have hit George Bush in the face! on Channel 4 News
Sunday: Fubra start planning new levels, new leaders, new objects... email ideas to

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We'll be using the expertise we gained from building popular sites about property, petrol, jobs, car hire and travel insurance to make even better than it already is. If that's possible.

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